Company Profile- Sarayan Top interior designers in Mumbai

Interior designs are gaining demand nowadays. Interior designs are important to give the office a calm and beautiful look. It also helps in keeping the minds of the worker focused.  Top Interior Designers in Mumbai can make a small room spacious with their skills. They create remarkable designs with their working experiences.

Many companies are taking the sole responsibility to provide the best interior designers. Sarayan is one of those companies which provide the best interior designs. They believe that good design is the combination of aesthetics, human needs, and comfort for the user.

They provide solutions like:

Workspace Analysis-

They analyze the current trend and figure out the best design to boost the client's productivity. This includes thorough research and in hand experiences.

Interior Design-

Architects, Interior Designers and in house Technical Experts are able to make the perfect design which it serves the purpose the client aimed for.

Design and build-

It brings all the segments including Architectural, Interior Design, Quantity Surveying, Project Cost Analysis, Project Feasibility Study, Project Management and Planning, Resource Management, Cost overrun Management and Engineering together to build the perfect design for your company.

They specialize in:

1) Corporate / Office Interiors 

2) Medical & Healthcare 

3) Hospitality 

4) Retail Spaces

Founded in the year 2000, it has established itself as the young, dynamic architecture and top interior designers in Mumbai. They have developed their expertise in every segment of architecture and interior design. They are the best in every segment of architecture and interior design ranging from, initial planning and budget proposals, conceptual design, and detailed working drawings. They believe in the core concept, teamwork, and customer satisfaction.

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